I think it's the British/European approach to acting, rather than the American approach. Miraculously, the Harry Potter kids somehow learned 'craft' rather than 'star,' and seem like fairly solid human beings as well—flawed, but no where near the Disney and network sitcom stars the US produce. Perhaps it's the… » 7/28/14 11:57pm Yesterday 11:57pm

A Fox official said they wouldn't have done another 24 if Sutherland truly acted the way Freddie insists he acted. Which of course is utter bullshit. They—and most other networks—would do a series starring Hitler's and Einstein's preserved brains if they thought they'd get ratings. » 7/28/14 10:03pm Yesterday 10:03pm

Just had a similar conversation with my husband. The Simpsons had a rough, uneven few years, but dammit they snapped out of it and have been consistently funny again. I wish they'd wrap up after this or the next season, then release the occasional movie or special, or do a BBC model of doing a few episodes every year,… » 7/27/14 8:10pm Sunday 8:10pm

Friends gave me a copy for my birthday some years back because apparently my love of Vonnegut made them think I'd like it. Quite the opposite: I hated every single word, but felt obligated to finish it because it was a nice, unexpected and thoughtful gift. It was so fucking dated I cringed at the pseudo-religious… » 7/25/14 1:24pm Friday 1:24pm